Saturday Scenes: Holidays in Grodno

Grodno Christmas tree

I didn’t arrive in Grodno, Belarus until mid-January, but a festive, holiday atmosphere was still apparent. Since most Belarussians celebrate the Orthodox Christmas and New Year, celebrations had just ended days before my visit and lights and decorations still adorned the main square.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Scenes: Holidays in Grodno”

  1. Happy New Year, Katie!
    P.S. Offtopic.
    Which bank card you used to visit the countries of the former Soviet Union?
    My bank in Moscow offers me the option:
    1.Debet or credit card.
    2.Visa, Mastercard, Maestro.
    3.Chip or non-chip on the card
    4.Two or more cards to a single account.
    5.Account in Rubles, USD, EUR.
    6.Type Card: Standart, Gold, Platinum, Worldwide.
    My head at blast!
    I just use my Visa card which receives salary.
    In places such as Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, Austria, never had a problem. But I do not think that in Central Asia, this rule will work.

    1. I had a Visa credit card and a Mastercard debit card. Didn’t have any issues anywhere except in Uzbekistan (where most ATMs either don’t take foreign cards or simply don’t work) and Turkmenistan (where ATMs don’t accept any foreign cards).

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