Three Days in Cape Town

With my first safari experience under my belt in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, it was time to move on to South Africa. My first stop would be Cape Town and my expectations were high. Everyone I knew who had been to Cape Town raved about it. I arrived late at night after a long day of …

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Life in the Time of Coronavirus

I’ve written this blog post in my head a dozen times, usually while walking or running through my Petworth neighborhood or in Rock Creek Park. But every time I’ve sat down to try to actually type the words on my laptop, I’ve frozen. I’ve stared at the screen, wondering what was the “right” thing to …

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Okavango Delta from air

Welcome to the Okavango Delta

After spending less than 48 hours in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to kick off a three-week trip to southern Africa, I headed across the border to the airport in Kasane, Botswana to start my journey to the Okavango Delta – a trip that started with just a bit of drama. My ultimate destination in the …

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Helicopter over Victoria Falls

48 Hours in Victoria Falls

I spent less than 48 hours in Victoria Falls, but I managed to squeeze a lot in to that 48 hours! Arriving on a Saturday afternoon to the Victoria Falls airport on the Zimbabwe side of the Falls, I waited an annoyingly long time for my airport shuttle to whisk me away to my hotel, …

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Bagan balloons

A Return to Blogging

The thought of blogging again has crept into my mind now and then over the past couple years. I have visited places or experienced things and thought to myself that I wanted to share more than just my photos on Instagram or Facebook. I continue to get messages from readers with questions about my past …

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Victoria Peak view

Two Days in Hong Kong

I kicked off my recent trip to China with two days in Hong Kong, but I have to admit, I wasn’t particularly excited about the stop. I pictured Hong Kong being nothing more than a crowded city full of skyscrapers with little of cultural interest to me. Indeed, many of the recommendations I got from …

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