Furry Friends on the Road

I love animals, so when I travel, I naturally gravitate toward snapping pictures of the furry creatures I encounter along the way. Here are a few of my favorites:

A donkey along the Inca Trail.
Me and my camel, Macarena, in Aswan, Egypt.
"Cat on a hot tin roof" (in Amalfi, Italy)
The dog that followed us for 2 hours hiking from Ravello to Amalfi.
Adorable kitten in the gardens of the Villa Borghese (Rome).
An encounter with a kangaroo in Australia.
A flock of sheep I came across while walking in the hills of Voss, Norway.
Polar bear in the Berlin Zoo.
A cat gets some scraps outside of the Coliseum in Rome.
Koala on Kangaroo Island in Australia.

9 thoughts on “Furry Friends on the Road”

    1. Yep, he totally wanted food. We got pizza when we made it back to Amalfi and gave him one of the crusts. As soon as we did, he ate it up and took off. A lot of effort for one pizza crust!

    1. The koala is probably one of my favorite pics ever. Couldn’t believe I actually got him staring right at me!

  1. Adorable pics! At the moment we’re finding street dogs in South America to be our temporary pets on the road. One inevitably follows us around every time we step out the door. Sad situation for them and at first I was appalled but they’ve kind of grown on me.

    1. The dog above (in Italy) totally became our friend – he followed us hiking for over 2 hours! We finally gave him a pizza crust when we got back to Amalfi and he went scurrying away…

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