American Fast Food in Moscow

McDonald's, American fast food in Moscow
As I travel, I have come to expect to see the golden arches of McDonald’s nearly everywhere I go. So I find it interesting to see what other American fast food chains have set up shop abroad. I was surprised to see such a variety here in Russia – including a Baskin-Robbins in Vladivostok and a Subway in Ulan Ude!

As I strolled through Moscow, I also got a kick out of the restaurant signs – most “translated” into Cyrillic.

Dunkin Donuts
Burger King
Baskin Robbins
Subway, Moscow, Russia
Cinnabon, Moscow, Russia


Do any of these surprise you? What has been the most unexpected place you have encountered an American fast food chain? Or the most unexpected chain you have seen?


4 thoughts on “American Fast Food in Moscow”

  1. There are Subways in even the smallest towns in New Zealand so a while back when it was announced that they had overtaken McDonald’s as the largest fast food chain in the world, I wasn’t shocked at all.

    But I saw Pinkberry in Lima, Peru this past summer and I was in shock over that. Do they even have them in the US outside of Los Angeles???

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