Saturday Scenes: Moscow at Night

Moscow, Russia

I admit, I didn’t always love Moscow.  While some aspects eventually grew on me, for the most part it just felt like any other big city. But I did love getting a night-time walking tour around the center of the city with my friend Karina. I felt like that gave me a chance to see the city in a different light – literally, as  everything was all lit up! This was one of my favorite views.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Scenes: Moscow at Night”

    1. Part of the issue with Moscow is that I visited after spending 5 weeks in St. Petersburg and I LOVED St. Petersburg. Moscow just didn’t have the same charm and pleasant atmosphere as St. Pete – it felt like any other huge city full of pollution and crowds and fairly rude people. I had 2 horrible hostel experiences, both that left me in tears, people were just mean. I also felt like I didn’t fit in at all – the women seemed to all look and dress like supermodels and I felt like a total slob in my backpacker clothes. I just felt out of place everywhere I went.

      I did enjoy the smaller cities outside of Moscow – Suzdal and Sergiev Posad were both cute and further out, I really liked Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Ulan Ude. People were friendlier and the cities were more interesting and welcoming.

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