Saturday Scenes: Yak Poo in the Mountains

Gokyo yard

Yes, this is a picture of yak poo. This yard happens to be in Gokyo, one of the highest points we reached on our trek in the Himalayas, but it could have been in almost any of the villages we passed through along the way. It is typical for the villagers to collect yak poo, shape it into discs, let it dry and then burn it for fuel. Indeed, on more than one occasion, we warmed ourselves in front of stoves fueled primarily by discs of yak poo.

This scene grabbed my attention because of the way the discs were lined up in the yard to dry. It was more typical to see them packed along the stone walls in the villages than sitting out in a yard. I also loved the color in the background coming from the blankets hanging out to dry. This oddly became one of my favorite pictures from the trip.

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