Saturday Scenes: Vladivostok Bridge

Welcome to Saturday Scenes, a new weekly feature on Katie Going Global in which I will share one of my favorite travel photos that just didn’t quite make it into a post for one reason or another – either from my current travels or earlier trips. I hope you enjoy!

First up – Vladivostok. I may not have loved the city, but I was kind of enthralled by the new bridge being built over the bay.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Scenes: Vladivostok Bridge”

  1. Hi Katie,
    Your photo of the Golden Horn Bay bridge looks really nice! I’ve been just using Yandex StreetView to poke around the streets of Vladivostok and other Russian/Ukrainian cities – cheaper than travel, no visa hassles – but not quite the same. Here is the short link to streetview of the that bridge:

    Some other great Vladivostok-at-night photos have appeared recently on the English Russia blog:

    There is also a recent video of the OTHER new Vladivostok bridge, crossing the Eastern Bophorus Strait and going to Russky Island:

    Best wishes on your travels!


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