Saturday Scenes: Snowmageddon in Chicago


It was two years ago at this time that Chicago was digging out from one of the worst snowstorms in decades – and by far the worst storm I had experienced since the Great Halloween Blizzard of 1991 up in Minnesota.  It started sometime around noon on  Tuesday, prompting many businesses downtown to close early and let employees head for home. Nonetheless, dozens of cars became stranded on Lake Shore Drive as the snow intensified, causing accidents that blocked exits off the Drive and making driving conditions impossible.

I hunkered down for the night, but threw on my ski pants and coat first thing Wednesday morning to check out the scene in my neighborhood. Snow in some places was up to my knees and it continued to fall off and on throughout the morning. I took the shot above as I walked up Paulina from Wilson around 7:00 a.m. Impressively, by late afternoon, the street was almost completely clear.

What is the worst snowstorm you have experienced?

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  1. Been through a lot of bad snowstorms but I’d have to say the Blizzard of ’09 on the Virginia/DC/Maryland seaboard was one of the worst. Shut down everything. Mass panic. Flights cancelled. Going home for the holidays? That’s what you thought.

  2. That looks pretty bad. Over the previous couple of years we had some bad snow storms compared to recent decades. It is amazing though that when I go to Canada or Scandinavia they are a lot better equipped and cope a lot better with adverse weather. If only we were that prepared.

    1. I thought they actually handled it pretty well in Chicago. This is a side street – the main street up ahead was already clear by 7 am and it was still snowing. This street was totally clear by mid afternoon.

  3. I remember that from Tim’s family that lives in Chicago. And it’s kind of crazy since there’s been hardly any snow since last year!

    My hometown was just named the snowiest city in America and I remember plenty of winters being snowed in.

    1. We just got our first significant snow this year but its just been a couple inches. Feels weird not to have a ton of snow on the ground.

  4. I remember this snowstorm! We had it here in Milwaukee too, got to love the lake effect! Nothing like snow emergency and no street parking and then getting your car plowed in….Thankfully we haven’t had anything like this last year or so far this winter!

    1. Haha, yeah I felt for all the people who got buried while parked on the street. I don’t have a car at all so I didn’t have to worry. 🙂

  5. Other than having my car completely buried by snow for two weeks until I finally paid some kid to dig it out for me, Snowmaggedon was kind of a blast! I took a cab to a friends house so I wouldn’t be snowed in alone and we had a snow ball fight mid blizzard (wine in hands) at around 3am. I guess you learn to make the most out of that weather when you live in Chicago!

    1. Yeah it was kind of fun to have a snow day! (Or 2!) And it was fun walking around the neighborhood the next day – everyone was kind of in awe together and chatty and helping people out. Built a nice camaraderie.

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