Saturday Scenes: World’s Largest Lenin Head

Ulan Ude, Russia

Statues of Lenin were a common sight as I traveled through the former Soviet Union. Giant Lenin heads, on the other hand, were a bit rare. This one in Ulan Ude, Russia is purported to be the world’s largest (a fact that I have no reason to doubt).

The only other Lenin head I saw? A much smaller one kept in someone’s back yard in Yerevan, Armenia.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Scenes: World’s Largest Lenin Head”

  1. Notification accept in Spam folder. Missed the post.
    Well …
    There are opinions that the mausoleum, and numerous monuments to Lenin in the former Soviet Union are part of the machine to indoctrinate people. Details can be found on the web.
    I can not say that’s true, but the fact that the current Putin government passed a dead body from Red Square and the mausoleum guarded by the Federal Protective Service …..
    Truth is somewhere near …)))))))

  2. Wow, that really is huge! I was actually surprised that there was even a statue of Lenin in Svalbard, supposedly the world’s northernmost statue of him.

  3. What an interesting lawn ornament that would make. I’m a bit surprised that those things didn’t all get trashed at the end of the Soviet time.

    1. Most did, but when I took a “Soviet tour” of Yerevan with the hostel I stayed at, our final stop was in the backyard of an apartment building where one much smaller Lenin head still remains. It was just bizarre.

  4. This is a great photo of a still strangely imposing relic of a very different time indeed. You really get a sense for how huge this thing is, luckily I think it’s equal parts terrifying and hilarious!

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