Saturday Scenes: Camels, Camels, Camels

Dekhistan, Turkmenistan

In Turkey, I found cats on every corner and under every table or chair. In Georgia, I seemed to run into cows everywhere I went. And when I got to Central Asia – especially Turkmenistan – it was camels. I saw these guys strolling through the desert early in the morning not far from where I camped near the ruins of the Silk Road city of Misrian.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Scenes: Camels, Camels, Camels”

  1. I love seeing camels. And I found it fascinating to learn when we were in Jordan that all the camels there belong to someone. They let them roam and have the camels trained to always come home to where they know they’ll be fed. I wonder if it is the same with the camels there?

    1. It is the same, I asked my guide in Turkmenistan about it. He said they all belong to someone but they roam all over and know where to return to. Amazing.

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