Random Thoughts While Walking Around San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

I spent a lot of time waking around San Francisco during my three day visit. I walked from my hotel down Post Street to the Embarcadero. I walked along the Embarcadero all the way around to Fisherman’s Wharf and beyond. I walked (climbed) up Hyde Street to the top of Lombard Street and then all the way down Lombard Street (on the non-crooked side) and over to the Palace of Fine Arts. And then I walked over to Crissy Field and followed a path up to the Golden Gate Bridge and walked over the bridge to Vista Point.

The next day I walked from my hotel on Post Street in the other direction, through Japantown and over to Alamo Square before walking for several hours around Golden Gate Park. And later that evening, I decided to walk from Fisherman’s Wharf up Russian Hill and down again, back to my hotel.

All of that walking gave me a lot of time to think – about a whole bunch of things. For example…

I love how many people are out running on a Saturday morning. I should have been one of them. But I’m walking a lot, so that’s almost as good.

sea lion

Seals! No, sea lions! Loving the sea lions. I may just stay here all day and watch the sea lions.

There’s an In-n-Out Burger? Oooooh, I thought those were only in LA. Must try.

It’s only 11:45 and there’s a crazy long line at In-n-Out Burger. This better be good.

Ordering a double-double “protein style” (i.e., without the bun) makes me feel kinda cool.

Oh, this was soooo worth the hype. And messy.

In n Out Burger

What happens when they get ice here? Does the whole city shut down? When I was a freshman in Iowa City, classes were cancelled once for ice because it was too slippery to walk anywhere. The hills in Iowa City are pretty much molehills compared to San Francisco, so I can’t even imagine what happens when the temperatures drop below freezing. Or does it just never get that cold? Or is there just no precipitation when it gets that cold? Or has the rest of the country just ignored it when San Francisco has closed down due to ice? Because I just can’t imagine the city actually functioning under a sheet of ice.

cars on Lombard Street

How much does a home along the crooked part of Lombard Street cost?

And don’t the people who live there go crazy with all the tourists walking up and down their street and all the cars slowly driving down all day long?

I would have died learning how to drive here. I learned on a stick shift and I probably would have stalled about every two minutes driving up the hills in San Francisco.

Can I move to San Francisco just to hang out in Golden Gate Park every Sunday? The bus tour guide said this is the third most visited park in the country after New York’s Central Park and Chicago’s Lincoln Park but it would rank first in my book.

Golden gate Park

And oh my god, this park is huge.

Where are the bison? Oh, there they are. So far away.


Does everyone in San Francisco smoke pot? Because I smell marijuana everywhere. Seriously. I don’t think I have walked more than a couple blocks anywhere downtown without smelling pot.

How do any women wear heels here? I had a hard time walking down some hills in my flat riding boots – walking down them in heels? I would have a couple broken ankles to show for it.

San Francisco street

Likewise, how do people not get drunk and fall down the hills all the time? Maybe that’s why there don’t seem to be any bars on the tops of the hills.

I think I’ve walked across the entire city. It doesn’t seem that big. The hills make it seem bigger.

My legs are going to hurt tomorrow. Actually, they already hurt.

I can’t wait to come back.

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts While Walking Around San Francisco”

  1. To “answer” some of your questions:

    In-N-Out, please take the whole thing next time you come. I am a California native, I don’t know anyone who eats there regularly.

    What is this thing you call “ice”? The only ice I know is in drinks.

    As a stick driver, you know what streets NOT to drive on. And as a girl, you gets tons of street cred from dudes that you even KNOW how to drive a stick.

    What are heels?? Only the “bridge and tunnel” crowd wears heels and you can spot them a mile away.

    People do get and drunk and fall down hills. And we laugh, even though we have all been there.

    SF City/County (smallest county in the state!) is only 7miles x 7miles. You may have walked it all.

  2. I am glad that you enjoyed the trip so much! Thanks for sharing your thoughts while walking. It’s fun to imagine what life is like for the people who live there. I do the same in places that I visit.

    1) I’ve been to the west coast many time but have yet to go to In-n-Out Burger. I would love to some time!

    2) Golden Gate Park is impressive. I’ve been to all 3 on your list. I’m not where Forest Park in St. Louis falls on the “most visited” list, but it is well worth your time if you are ever nearby. Very large park with many attractions, beautiful scenery, and lots of people! http://www.forestparkforever.org.

    3) Somehow, I don’t think that SF ever does get ice. I agree that it would be a nightmare!

  3. Ha! I was in San Francisco last year and had many of these same thoughts, especially, “Why is there pot EVERYWHERE?!?!” Also, “Why is that man wearing nothing but a strategically placed sock?”

    Protein style FTW!

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