Perfect Timing, Perfect Opportunity to Explore Chicago

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Remember how I wrote a couple weeks ago about launching my new life in Chicago?

How I wanted to expand my social circle?

How I wanted to play tourist in my own backyard?

And how I wanted to force myself to fly solo when I never had the guts to do so before?

Well, shortly after that post, I saw a tweet about Eventbrite’s upcoming “Blogger Tour” of Chicago. They were looking for bloggers to attend at least ten events over the next two months and blog about them. How perfect, right?? Perfect timing. Perfect opportunity.

Luckily, they agreed and selected me as one of three bloggers in Chicago to participate!

If you’re not familiar with Eventbrite, it is probably best known as an event registration website, but it’s really more than that – it’s all about facilitating events, helping people find and attend events that feed their interests, while connecting them with others who share their passions. And I’m not just talking a few events – they deal with a LOT of events. A quick search of upcoming events in Chicago yielded a couple thousand results!

So how will the “Blogger Tour” work?

In short, I have to (get to!) attend at least ten events between now and the end of March.  While Eventbrite will provide me with suggestions, I get to decide which events I want to attend. The only caveat? They have to be offered through Eventbrite. Personally, I’m going to try to mix it up – I want to push myself a bit and try some things that I might not otherwise consider. As I attend the events, I will be tweeting about them, sharing on Facebook and blogging about each event afterwards.

I’m not wasting any time – I’ve already signed up for seven events and I’ll be attending my first one tomorrow night! Here’s what I have coming up so far:

Tuesday, February 5: Ignite Chicago

Similar to Pecha Kucha, this is an evening of five-minute talks on a variety of topics by speakers looking to ignite and inspire. My friend Pete actually produces these, but I’ve never attend before. I’m thinking I may even get inspired to try to speak at one…

Saturday, February 9: Valentine’s Brunch with the Smart Dating Academy

Seeing that I am single and all, I figure I should probably take advantage of some “singles” type events that are available.  This one is a singles “meet and greet” over brunch and a Valentine’s themed movie.  I suspect females will outnumber males about two to one, but it should at least make for a good blog post.

Sunday, February 10: Chicago Volunteer Expo

Going back to my resolution to volunteer more, this seemed like a good opportunity to check out around fifty non-profits in the city who are seeking volunteers.

Monday, February 11: Travel Mindset Tweetup

How could I not pick this one? I’m not familiar with Travel Mindset (their website says they’re launching in 2013), but all the more reason to check it out.  And it’s at the Vertigo Sky Lounge at the Dana Hotel, which has great views but is not a place I normally frequent.

Tuesday, February 12: Passport Passion

Yes, another travel-themed event. This one is at Cuna Sports Lounge and pegs itself as a social travel event where you can learn about different destinations, meet new travelers and socialize.

Thursday, February 14: Dating for Nerds Sixth Annual Love Fest

I have always considered myself a nerd. And while that label usually triggers a feeling of insecurity, for at least one night I’m going to embrace it. Considering some of the miserable ways I have spent past Valentine’s Days, I figure a night of board games and cheesy themed activities with other self-proclaimed nerds could be a huge improvement.

Sunday, February 24: Winter Wonders at Lurie Garden

The first part of this afternoon excursion is a tour of the Lurie Garden at the Art Institute of Chicago, followed by a tour of the Art Institute galleries. I haven’t been to the Art Institute in years and I’ve never been to the Lurie Garden, so this really peaked my interest. However, I’m not so sure about the second part, which includes “creating artwork that captures the beauty of the season.”  I may be discovering an artistic side I never knew I had…

I hope you’ll follow along as I explore Chicago over the next two months! Sign up for my RSS feed, follow me on Facebook or Twitter or follow the hashtag #BriteBloggers on Twitter to keep up with all of the Eventbrite bloggers in Chicago.

Better yet, visit Eventbrite yourself and suggest an event or two that you think I should check out!

7 thoughts on “Perfect Timing, Perfect Opportunity to Explore Chicago”

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  2. Can’t wait to hear these stories! I attended an Ignite event in Phoenix a few years ago before I moved to Italy. I thought it was great!

  3. Again, congrats on getting this gig, Katie! Some of the travel-related events sound cool. And of course I can’t wait for your stories about the dating ones! 😉

  4. What an awesome way to reintroduce yourself to Chicago! And DATING FOR NERDS – awesome! Hope there are some cuties named Stan there…

  5. These events sound really fun. I went to a whole heap of Eventbrite events when I first moved to London because I didn’t know anyone (and it was quite often a way to get free drinks!)

    I always had a great time and I’ve now met loads of people that I’m really good friends with now.

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