Eto’s Guesthouse: The Only Place to Stay in Kakheti

Eto's Guesthouse, Telavi, Kakheti, Georgia

Okay, so I guess there are other places you could conceivably stay in the Kakheti region of Georgia. Heck, there’s probably at least one or two other places in the town of Telavi itself.

But I really don’t know why you would want to stay anywhere other than Eto’s Guesthouse.

I found myself not wanting to leave.

Eto's Guesthouse, Telavi, Kakheti, Georgia

Perhaps it was the large bedroom with a comfy double bed and pillow in a modern house on a side street of Telavi, a not-so-modern city.

Or perhaps it was the home-cooked Georgian meals that left me so stuffed I really only needed breakfast and dinner.

Or perhaps it was Eto herself, the wonderfully friendly and warm-hearted woman who opened the guesthouse in her home just about two years ago. She carefully tends to everyone, welcoming guests to relax in her backyard garden and proudly showing off family heirlooms that provide a peak into traditional Georgian culture.

Eto's Guesthouse, Telavi, Kakheti, Georgia

Regardless of your budget (which doesn’t need to be much!), I really can’t imagine a better place to stay.

Although I booked Eto’s through Hostelworld, her guesthouse is really more like a bed and breakfast (yes, you can book more than just hostels with Hostelworld!). She includes a home cooked breakfast each morning and for a small (and super reasonable) extra charge, Eto will cook you lunch and/or dinner as well. She uses only the freshest ingredients, almost all coming from her backyard garden or her family’s village just outside of Telavi.  She also is happy to cater to special dietary needs, whether you are vegetarian, kosher or, like me, gluten-intolerant.

The other great perk of staying at Eto’s is her wonderful driver, Rezo.

Almost as soon as I arrived, I asked Eto about possible day trips around the Kakheti region. Within ten minutes, Rezo was at the guesthouse to discuss with me the possibilities (not just on the phone – he actually came to the guesthouse!). I spent my first full day with him touring four monasteries and three wineries, starting at 10 a.m. and winding up at 5 p.m. – all for a ridiculously reasonable 60 lari (about $36). Not only did Rezo drive me, he often guided me through the sites as well.  When he offered to take me around the next day as well, this time to the town of Sighnaghi and a few more monasteries, there was no way I could refuse.

If you are visiting Kakheti (and I highly recommend you do!), you may be tempted to stay in Sighnaghi, which is arguably the most attractive town in the region. However, Telavi is the more convenient base to explore Kakheti, both in terms of proximity to attractions and easy transportation connections. And if you stay in Telavi, Eto’s Guesthouse really can’t be beat.

Eto’s Guesthouse and Hostelworld teamed up to provide my stay free of charge, but the opinions expressed above are mine and mine alone.  If you want to stay at Eto’s Guesthouse, or simply learn more, click the banner below to visit the Hostelworld site (note: I will receive a small commission from any booking).

Eto’s Guesthouse, Akhvlediani Str. 27, Telavi, Georgia.

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  1. Thessa Mae Yecla

    Hi Katie,

    Im here at Eto’s Place…
    I feel at home…nice garden and very comfortable bed….

    Thank you for your post.

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