Saturday Scenes

Tomb of Sirenput II, Aswan, Egypt

Saturday Scenes: Aswan, Egypt

When I visited Egypt in 2008, one of my favorite experiences was visiting the Tombs of Nobles in Aswan, Egypt. Located on the far side of the Nile from the rest of the city, they were mentioned in my guidebook, but the tour manager leading my tour wasn’t even familiar with them. I convinced my …

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Amasya, Turkey

Saturday Scenes: Amasya, Turkey

Outside of Istanbul, the city of Amasya was probably my favorite place in Turkey. Set along  river and surrounded by mountains, the setting could not have been any better. I took this shot from the ancient castle that overlooks the city.  

Saturday Scenes: Chicago From Above

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take a helicopter tour of Chicago, courtesy of Despite the overcast skies, it was an unforgettable experience as we approached the city from the south, soared over the shoreline, made a pass around Wrigley Field and finally did a fly-by of the Willis Tower.

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