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How To Get a Russian Visa

**Note: visa procedures have changed slightly since I wrote the post below. Please scroll to the bottom for information on the current application process for U.S. citizens. I assumed one of the biggest headaches in preparing for my trip would be getting my Russian visa.  I didn’t do myself any favors by trying to obtain …

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Wally and Leo sleeping

Saying Goodbye to My Cats

I’m catless. For the first time in about 13 years, I don’t have a cat living with me.  It feels a little weird. Our family cat lived with me during my first 2 years of law school and after he passed away during the summer of 2000, I headed straight to the local humane society …

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Announcing My Big Adventure

If you are a regular reader of this site, you likely have seen my recent interviews with some of my fellow thirty-somethings who are leaving their jobs to travel or work overseas. I am thrilled to announce that I am about to join them! Yes, that’s right.  I gave notice at work yesterday that my …

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