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Istanbul, Turkey

Busing Around Turkey

I stepped out of the Otogar metro station in Istanbul and looked around me in awe. I had no idea where to go next. I was expecting a single bus station with a few dozen buses sitting out front – not over 100 offices for various bus companies forming a circle around the metro station. …

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How I Financed My Career Break

Financing a career break or other long term travel is not easy. For me, it required a combination of cutting back on spending and saving more, earning extra money, and dealing with at-home expenses that would remain while I am on the road.  I own my condominium and still have student loan debt, but I …

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Five Favorite Things in Budapest

Budapest is probably one of my top 3 or 4 cities in Europe, up there with Rome, Berlin and Paris.  I could easily go back again and again.  And while you probably wouldn’t think of Hungary as providing an excellent culinary experience, two of my five favorite things about Budapest are food-related.

Vladivostok, Russia

How to Save Money on European Train Travel

If you have ever been to Europe, chances are you have probably taken a train at some point. They are generally a quick and easy way to move between cities (or countries!). But when you are planning your train travel, how do you know you’re getting the best deal? It seems a lot of first-time travelers to Europe automatically assume that getting a rail pass or otherwise booking your train tickets through Rail Europe is the way to go. Sure, it’s easy – the web site is in English, the currency is in dollars and you can feel secure that you are all set ahead of time.

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