Chasing pigeons in Chisinau, Moldova

Saturday Scenes: Chasing Pigeons in Moldova

Visiting Chisinau in the near dead of winter didn’t give me a lot of great photo opportunities – the city isn’t all that attractive in the first place and the snow, mud and slush certainly didn’t help. Passing this happy kid chasing pigeons in the park was one of the few highlights.

A Day Trip to Orheiul Vechi

Orheiul Vechi Monastery is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Moldova, but that doesn’t mean that getting there is necessarily easy.  While my guidebook mentioned a few buses that ran there, other sources on the internet insisted no public transportation would take me there. I asked the staff at my hostel to look into …

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Impressions of Moldova

Channeling my inner Roger Ebert, I am giving Moldova one thumb up and one thumb down. In the interest of full disclosure, I admit I may have had a very different impression of this small country squished between Romania and Ukraine if I visited at another time of year – a time when it wasn’t …

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