Five Favorite Things in Rome

I am in between travels right now, so I thought I would start a new feature looking back on past trips and sharing my favorite things about some of the cities or regions I have visited over the years. First up is Rome – one of my favorite large cities and probably one of the …

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Experimenting with Fear

What scares you? What makes you feel sick to your stomach? Break into a sweat? Stumble over your words? Shake in your boots? We all have fears.  Even the most outwardly confident, secure, calm, cool and collected person has something that brings out a feeling of dread in them.  Most of the things that scare …

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Queue entrance

Witnessing History at Wimbledon

I have wanted to visit Wimbledon for as long as I can remember. Not being willing or able to shell out several thousand dollars to get tickets through brokers or tour packages, I decided a couple years ago to try to get tickets through Wimbledon’s public ballot. When that didn’t work, I paid $40 last …

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