Esna, Egypt

Sailing Down the Nile

Sailing down the Nile is a tricky thing. First of all, it feels weird to say “sailing down” the Nile when we were actually sailing north. But since the Nile flows in that direction, I suppose it is more accurate to say “sailing down” instead of “sailing up.” Second, staying on the boat is basically …

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Philae Island, Egypt

From Cairo to Aswan

After four days in Cairo, it was time to move on to bigger and better things. Actually no, it was time to move on to smaller cities and hopefully better weather! We took the overnight train from Cairo to Aswan – my first overnight train experience. Although the train was scheduled to depart at 10:00 …

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Bent Pyramid at Dahshour

Pyramids and Rain in Cairo

After a dreary, cloudy, drizzle-filled first day in Cairo, I was not thrilled to wake up my third morning to the sound of pouring rain and crazy wind outside.  I had heard Cairo typically only got four or five days of rain each year and somehow I had already been there for two of them. …

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Mosque of Suleyman Pasha

Arrival in Cairo

I was exhausted by the time I arrived in Cairo. First, an overnight flight from Chicago to Paris. Then, a long layover in Paris during which I spent most of the time snoozing on some uncomfortable chairs in the transit area, using my shoulder bag as a pillow. Finally, my bleary-eyed self walked off the …

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