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  1. Hi Katie –

    Liked your comments about Southwest Airlines, and even though I live in Phoenix and travel almost 3 out of 4 weeks every month, I never fly Southwest.

    Mostly because I work in Europe a lot, where SW does not fly.

    So, I started out as an America West frequent flyer years ago and have come full circle back to American. And will say that once you reach Executive Platinum or Concierge Key with American, they treat you very well. Upgrades, tons of miles, and enough miles to get my family upgraded when they fly to Europe, one of the best benefits since my company buys me business or first class when I work Europe.

    Guess it’s all perspective, but I joke with my neighbor, a staunch SW customer, that at least AA customers don’t wear flip flops on a flight to Paris. A bad idea on any airliner, by the way.

    I used to live in St. Paul.

  2. Hi Katie
    Thank you for your web-journal. It’s great! I’m sitting here in Blaine looking at a trip to Russia next year. I’m glad another Minnesota 40 something is doing the same.

    Andrew Perovich
    Anoka, MN

  3. Hi Katie,
    I wanted to tell you how I much I’ve enjoyed your blog posts. I am originally from the Chicago subburbs but went to MN for college and lived for ten years in St Paul before moving to Germany with my husband. We work at the international school in Hannover and the best part is all the school holidays! I first came across your blog before our trip to Armenia and Georgia last year. Now we are planning a Balkans trip for April and I’m happy to run across your posts again. I have a blog too – not just about travel but about being an expat: http://www.juliashannoverblog.blogspot.com
    We’re moving back to the Twin Cities this summer and I know I’ll miss the travel!

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