Mastering the Marshrutka

marshrutkas, Chisinau, Moldova

Marshrutka. In Russian, it means “fixed route.” In short, it is basically a mini-bus, the age, size and comfort of which may vary greatly. It is also the preferred method of public transportation in much […]

The One Where I Visit the Birthplace of an Evil Dictator

Gori, Georgia

Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili was born in the town of Gori, Georgia in 1878. Locals may still think of him fondly – after all, he is the local boy who made it big – really big. […]

Hostelling in the Former Soviet Union

Apple Hostel St Petersburg

I recently read a post on Traveldudes called Hostels 101 – What Makes Hostels Tick, What to Do and What Not to Do. As I scanned through the post, much of it seemed unfamiliar to […]

My Soviet Sojourn: What I Don’t Want to Miss

My Big Adventure (or perhaps, more appropriately, my “Soviet Sojourn”) has been two years in the making.  Along the way, I developed a mental list of the experiences that I absolutely had to include along […]

Announcing My Big Adventure


If you are a regular reader of this site, you likely have seen my recent interviews with some of my fellow thirty-somethings who are leaving their jobs to travel or work overseas. I am thrilled […]