Russia in Retrospect

Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

It has been more than a year since I first set foot in Russia. Twenty months since I first arrived in the country that inspired my whole trip in the first place. Eighty-three weeks since […]

The Great Haircut Smackdown: USA vs. the World

On a Saturday afternoon in mid-October, I nervously sat down on a black leather chair in a hair salon on the outskirts of Moscow and held my breath. I had been on the road for […]

Saturday Scenes: Moscow at Night

Moscow, Russia

I admit, I didn’t always love Moscow.  While some aspects eventually grew on me, for the most part it just felt like any other big city. But I did love getting a night-time walking tour […]

Thirty Rubles About Russia

If you travel to Russia for a week or two, you’ll certainly be aware of how different it is from your home country. Spending three months in Russia gave me a lot of time to […]

Five Favorite Things in Moscow

I have to admit, I did not love Moscow. Unlike St. Petersburg, where I flipped through my guidebook and wanted to see just about everything, very little stood out to me as “must-sees” when it […]

Shopping Like a Local in Russia

As I walked through the Galeria Mall in the center of St. Petersburg, I couldn’t help but wonder where I was.  I passed a GAP. And a Nine West. And a Payless Shoe Source. Not […]

American Fast Food in Moscow

McDonald's, Moscow, Russia

As I travel, I have come to expect to see the golden arches of McDonald’s nearly everywhere I go. So I find it interesting to see what other American fast food chains have set up […]

Suzdal: The Day Trip That Almost Wasn’t


I sat in the car, staring at nothing but semi-trucks and Ladas ahead of us and thought to myself:   “Someday, I will look back and laugh at the day I tried to go to […]