Saturday Scenes: A Winter Wonderland in Kiev

Kiev, Ukraine

We are kind of lacking in the snowfall department in Chicago this year, so I thought I’d flash back to where I was last year at this time – in snow, snowy Kiev. It was […]

Five Favorite Things in Kiev

Kiev and I did not get off to the best start. It was snowing lightly when I arrived on a Saturday in mid-January and then it proceeded to snow every single day for the next […]

Another Homestay Gone Awry

One of the things I was anticipating the most during my travels was the opportunity to do homestays – living with local families, learning about their culture and sharing a little of my own. Unfortunately, […]

A Trip to Chernobyl

The most fascinating thing for me about visiting Chernobyl was the 90 minute documentary we watched in the van on the way to what is known as the 30 kilometer exclusion zone. It isn’t that […]

Freezing My Butt Off in Ukraine


  I try to be tough about the cold.   I grew up in Minnesota and spent the last ten years living in the Windy City. People may debate how Chicago got that name but […]