Reviewing 2012: Did That All Really Happen?

Warsaw, Poland

Thinking about the past year leaves me with very mixed emotions. After being back in the United States for over three months now, it sometimes feels like the nine months before that didn’t even happen. […]

Saturday Scenes: Christmas in Minsk

Staying in the holiday spirit for one more weekend, here’s a shot of a giant Christmas tree in Minsk, Belarus. Even though I spent all of December in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, I encountered some […]

My 12 Favorite Places in 2012

Kamyanets Podilsky, Ukraine

As 2012 winds down, I thought I would take a look back at some of the most memorable places I visited over the last year. From ancient castles and ruined churches to mountain villages and […]

Saturday Scenes: Holidays in Grodno

I didn’t arrive in Grodno, Belarus until mid-January, but a festive, holiday atmosphere was still apparent. Since most Belarussians celebrate the Orthodox Christmas and New Year, celebrations had just ended days before my visit and […]

Live from Tajikistan: My 10 Month Update Post

If all goes well, you will actually be reading this on or around my 10 month anniversary of traveling. I say that because I am writing it from the village of Shing, which is located […]

How Belarus Defied My Expectations

As I mentioned in my post about arriving in Minsk, I was kind of dreading Belarus. It’s not that I wasn’t looking forward to exploring and learning more about a country completely unfamiliar to me. […]

Grodno: The Cutest Town in Belarus

Grodno, Belarus

Minsk surprised me. Brest disappointed me.   Grodno really won me over.   It started with my hotel – the Hotel Slavia, just blocks from the main square and a short walk from the bus […]

The One Redeeming Thing About Brest

  I have never visited a place so inaccurately described in guidebooks as Brest.   Everything I read indicated that Brest would be the most Western feeling of the cities I would visit in Belarus: […]