When Travel Makes You Think

Unconquered Man, Khatyn, Belarus

Travel is often fun and relaxing – an escape from our everyday lives.  But travel can also be an eye-opening experience – an opportunity to gain perspective and learn about the rest of the world. […]

Saturday Scenes: Lake Sevan, Armenia

Lake Sevan was the first place I visited outside of Yerevan during my stay in Armenia. The lake is one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in the world but, unfortunately, was once on its […]

Gyumri: Two Decades After the Earthquake

When an earthquake strikes, it can garner a lot of attention in the days and weeks that follow. I can clearly remember being glued to my television set watching the aftermath of the earthquake in […]

Reviewing 2012: Did That All Really Happen?

Warsaw, Poland

Thinking about the past year leaves me with very mixed emotions. After being back in the United States for over three months now, it sometimes feels like the nine months before that didn’t even happen. […]

My 12 Favorite Places in 2012

Kamyanets Podilsky, Ukraine

As 2012 winds down, I thought I would take a look back at some of the most memorable places I visited over the last year. From ancient castles and ruined churches to mountain villages and […]

Saturday Scenes: Gyumri, Armenia

Gyumri, Armenia

After spending the day picnicking at nearby Marmashen Monastery, I wound up a Sunday in Gyumri by joining a group of volunteers on a small hill on the edge of town to watch the sun […]

Travel in the Caucasus: Comparing Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan

Batumi, Georgia

My first impression of travel in the Caucasus region was a good one, arriving in sunny Batumi, Georgia to a warm welcome from the immigration officers. One night later, I was on an overnight train, […]

Five Favorite Things in Armenia

Marmashen, Armenia

Ah, Armenia. So many ups. So many downs. So many great memories and a few bittersweet ones as well. I have said before that my time in Armenia wasn’t so much about the country itself […]