Volunteering Abroad: How to Find the Right Opportunity for You

Shing host family

When I took my career break to travel a couple years ago, volunteering was a big part of my plan. I saw volunteering abroad as a chance to give back to local communities, immerse myself […]

Hostelling in the Former Soviet Union

Apple Hostel St Petersburg

I recently read a post on Traveldudes called Hostels 101 – What Makes Hostels Tick, What to Do and What Not to Do. As I scanned through the post, much of it seemed unfamiliar to […]

How I Financed My Career Break


Financing a career break or other long term travel is not easy. For me, it required a combination of cutting back on spending and saving more, earning extra money, and dealing with at-home expenses that […]

E-Book Review: How to Take a Career Break to Travel

I first thought of taking time off from my career to travel back in 2006 – a full five years before I finally made it a reality. When I got serious about planning my current […]

A Traveler’s Second Worst Nightmare: The Lost ATM Card

Russian ATM

While losing your passport on the road is probably a traveler’s worst nightmare, I would guess most would agree a lost ATM card is a close second.   I experienced that sinking feeling last week. […]

Where Are We Really Safe? Thoughts on Safety at Home and Abroad

Chicago, Illinois

“Random attacks cause concern in Chicago.” “New mob attack reported.” “Mobs of teens thought responsible for four assaults.” “7 arrested in mob action.” These are all headlines that have graced the pages of Chicago newspapers […]

Five Favorite Things in Budapest


Budapest is probably one of my top 3 or 4 cities in Europe, up there with Rome, Berlin and Paris.  I could easily go back again and again.  And while you probably wouldn’t think of Hungary as providing an excellent culinary experience, two of my five favorite things about Budapest are food-related.