Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar & Cruising the Bosphorus

Spice Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

I cringed as I glanced out the hostel window and saw nothing but clouds for miles. It figured that the morning I booked a cruise on the Bosphorus was also the only cloudy morning since […]

Oh, Those Galata Nights

Galata Tower, Istanbul

While most visitors to Istanbul begin their exploration in Sultanahmet (the old city), my introduction to this historic city came across the Golden Horn in the Galata district. I made my way from Sultanahmet to […]

Too Many Tourists and Touts

Istanbul Spice Bazaar

I have been spoiled. Traveling through Russia in the offseason and through many places in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus that don’t attract large numbers of tourists in the first place has spoiled me. I […]