Five Favorite Things in Vilnius

Spending nearly two weeks in Vilnius, I felt like I had a great chance to get to know this Baltic capital and it quickly became my favorite of the three. I was also fortunate to […]

Quirky Vilnius: The Republic of Uzupis

Uzupis, Vilnius, Lithuania

Approaching the bridge over the River Vilnia on Uzupio gatve in Vilnius, two large signs welcome you to the Republic of Uzupis. Yes, the capital city of Lithuania is also home to its very own […]

Into a Soviet Bunker

Soviet Bunker, Vilnius, Lithuania

I exit my taxi and walk up a short gravel driveway in the middle of a forest outside of Vilnius, facing nothing but a two-story concrete building and a lot of trees.  I cautiously enter […]

The Hill of Crosses

Hill of Crosses, Siauliai, Lithuania

No one really knows when the first crosses started appearing on this small hill just outside of the city of Siauliai in Lithuania, but some trace them back to uprisings against Russian rule in 1831 […]

Vilnius in 72 Hours

I haven’t had many crazy sightseeing days on this trip yet – mainly because I have been traveling relatively slowly, giving me the luxury of just checking out one or two sites each day. But […]