Nestled Away in Mestia: The Nest Hostel Svaneti

Mestia, Georgia

> Mestia is one of those still slightly hidden, hard to reach places in the Republic of Georgia, located high up in the mountains in the region of Svaneti.  To get there, I had to […]

Tbilisi’s Old Town Hostel: First Impressions Are Everything

Old Town, Tbilisi, Georgia

When traveling, first impressions mean a lot – especially when it comes to hostels. Over the last eight and a half months, the hostels I have enjoyed the most also tended to be the ones […]

From Turkey to Tbilisi: The Not-Quite-By-The-Book Way

Near Turkey Georgia border

  “What the hell have I gotten myself into?”   I stared out of the dusty back window of the black clunker that had carried me less than a mile from the Turkey-Georgia border to […]

A Midnight Train in Georgia

I cringed when a young, skinny Georgian guy popped into my four-person compartment and set down a plastic bag with a bottle of liquor peeking out the top. I was still mentally exhausted from my […]

137 Hours on a Boat: Crossing the Black Sea (Part 2)

Black Sea sunrise

(Editor’s note: this is a continuation of Crossing the Black Sea (Part 1), the story of my five day Black Sea ferry ride from Ilyichevsk, Ukraine to Batumi, Georgia) My heart sank when I heard […]

Crossing the Black Sea (Part 1)

I arrived at the UkrFerry office promptly at 10:30 a.m.  on Thursday morning and asked for Vladlen – the faceless man with whom I had been exchanging emails for the last month about the Black […]