Mastering the Marshrutka

marshrutkas, Chisinau, Moldova

Marshrutka. In Russian, it means “fixed route.” In short, it is basically a mini-bus, the age, size and comfort of which may vary greatly. It is also the preferred method of public transportation in much […]

Excerpts From My Travel Journal

Tatev Monastery, Armenia

As I traveled through the former Soviet Union on my career break, I didn’t just write blog posts; I kept a journal as well. I wasn’t always great about keeping up with it, but it […]

The Physical Toll of Long-Term Travel

Seven Lakes, Tajikistan

I’ve written a lot about the emotional ups and downs I experienced while traveling through the former Soviet Union for thirteen months. Beyond those highs and lows, long-term travel also took a physical toll on […]

When Travel Makes You Think

Unconquered Man, Khatyn, Belarus

Travel is often fun and relaxing – an escape from our everyday lives.  But travel can also be an eye-opening experience – an opportunity to gain perspective and learn about the rest of the world. […]

How to Find a Job After You Quit Your Job to Travel: When You Return

I returned to the United States last September with a sense of urgency. After being on the road for 13 months, I figured I had enough in the bank to last me a couple months, […]

How to Find a Job After You Quit Your Job to Travel: On the Road

Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan

Last week I wrote about what I did before I left on my career break trip to maximize my chances of finding a job when I returned. This week, I’ll focus on what I did […]

How Travel Didn’t Solve Anything

I thought travel would change me. I wanted travel to change me. I wanted to emerge from 13 months of traveling and volunteering around the world a better person – more patient and more open […]

How to Find a Job After You Quit Your Job to Travel: Before You Go

The idea of quitting your job in an uncertain economy can be scary. I have made no secret of the fact that finding a job after I returned from my 13-month career break was my biggest […]