11 Months on the Road and 2 Big Announcements

In my past ten monthly update posts, I have covered a variety of things – things I have done a lot of, my favorite photos, a state of this blog and, most recently, my best […]

Stretching My Travel Budget: Making the Most of $20K

  I am way over budget and I’m okay with that.   My budget for 10 months of travel was only $18,000. I just surpassed $20,000 and I have about two months to go. But […]

After 10 Months, What’s Still in My Backpack?


The current contents of my backpack barely resemble those when I left Chicago on August 30, 2011. They don’t even look that similar to what I was carrying back in January when I revisited my […]

Live from Tajikistan: My 10 Month Update Post

If all goes well, you will actually be reading this on or around my 10 month anniversary of traveling. I say that because I am writing it from the village of Shing, which is located […]

Everything Just Feels a Little Scary


  It is 7:00 am and all I want to do is sleep.   Less than 48 hours have passed since I left Armenia, hopping into a marshrutka to Tbilisi on just four hours of […]

A State of the Blog Post (a/k/a My 9 Month Update)

Gum village, Azerbaijan

  Greetings from Azerbaijan!   The longer I travel, the more quickly these monthly update posts seem to come. I swear I was just writing about being on the road eight months and, here I […]

8 Months Down, How Many More to Go?

Sulemaniye Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

  I am supposed to be in Turkmenistan right now. Instead I am in Turkey.   According to my original itinerary – or at least the itinerary that existed on August 30, 2011 when I […]

A Few Detours Along the Way

I have made no secret of the fact that I am a major planner – I like to know where I am going and what is coming up. I like to have plans. But I […]