Figuring Out What I Really Want

Chicago, Illinois

The last few weeks have been a blur. I returned from Nepal at 5:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon and headed straight into the office the next day. Two days later, I was on a […]

My Career Break Trip: What I Did Right, What I Did Wrong and What I Wish I Would Have Known

Sergiev Posad, Russia

  Hindsight is always 20/20, right?   The passage of time always seems to give you a new perspective and now that it has been more than two years since I first left to travel […]

The Realities of Traveling Long Term and Gluten Free

Shymkent market

Back when I was getting ready to embark on my 13-month career break trip through the former Soviet Union, I launched another blog, called Globally Gluten Free. My plan was to chronicle my experiences trying […]

Thoughts on Life 2 Years After Quitting My Job to Travel

Misrian, Dekhistan, Turkmenistan

  This time last year.   It’s been a recurring thought in my head the last few months. This time last year I was arriving in Armenia. This time last year I was living in […]

The Places I Long to Return To

The longer I’ve been home after my 13 month journey through the former Soviet Union, the more I’ve been thinking about the places I want to go back to.  As I ponder my future travel […]

The Value of Learning the Language

watermelon at Jeti Oguz

I started off slowly, shyly uttering just a few words at a time. I was unsure of my pronunciation and lacked confidence that I remembered the right word or the right case or tense. My […]

Why Capital One Isn’t So Great for Travelers

Capital One cards

Before leaving on my career break trip, I researched good banks for international travelers – banks that would refund out of network ATM fees and that wouldn’t charge foreign currency transaction fees. Several travelers recommended […]